School Supplies

Supply List

* (2) Two pocket folders. One for home-school communication and one for Health Class with Mrs. Kennedy.  Please get the flat kind, not a binder as it needs to fit into your mailbox in the classroom.

* A ½ inch, three ring binder for poems.  Please get the standard size as it has to fit into your book box.

* Headphones compatible for an iPad.  While earbuds (the small ones) are cheaper, they don’t stay in ‘little’ ears and can be uncomfortable. Having a pair that go over the ears is preferable. Please label your headphones and put them in a labeled, clear plastic bag.

*  A box of 24 crayons

* A box of markers

* A package of #2 pencils.

* Coins for your math tool kit for use during our math lessons. Please put them in a labeled ziplock bag. This money will be returned to you at the end of the year.
20 pennies, 5 nickels, 10 dimes and 4 quarters.

Please consider donating the following items:
*Clorox wipes for cleaning our tables.
* Tissues, tissues, and more tissues. Colds come quickly once we are back together.
*Paper towels.
*Plastic spoons and forks for snack time use.

Thanks in advance for donating the extra supplies.

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