Monday, December 19, 2016

Non-fiction Reading Celebration

 Wednesday we finished our non-fiction reading unit.  We had a celebration of our learning with Mrs. Dow's second grade class. For the celebration everyone presented information they had learned about a self selected topic.  There were many steps and lots of learning that lead up to the celebration.

First, everyone self selected a topic from the non-fiction books within the classroom.

Next, they read several books on the same topic, (to become an expert). Then they used sticky notes to mark 3 places that had similar information from 2 books.

 After they had to combine the information into sentences or teaching points. Everyone created a poster, drew illustrations, and added labels.

Then everyone practiced giving their presentation to a friend or two.

The last step was the celebration where everyone individually presented their topic to a group of 4 or 5 peers. It was hard work, but everyone did a great job.

Our next reading unit is "Studying Characters and Their Stories".