Sunday, October 30, 2016

Recent Happenings

In math we are working on addition fact strategies, even/odd and place value. In a recent lesson the students rotated through centers to practice these skills.

During  Reader's Workshop students have been working on sharing their thinking with their reading partner.  

Our next unit in reading and in writing focus on nonfiction. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Classroom Update

Readers's Workshop is going well. We are learning strategies to solve unknown words.  This chart shows some of the skills we have been working on.

Another component of Reader's Workshop is partner reading.  Partner reading happens at the end of the workshop, it is a time to share and discuss what was read.

In Social Studies we have started to learn about the continents. We will focus on the continent of North America first, with the focus country being the United States of America.  We used atlases to find information to share with the class. 

On Friday we went to the Creation Station and used Google Earth. We went on a virtual field trip to some of our National Parks. One of the goals was to see how diverse the biomes of our country are.  At the end of the time in the lab, the students selected one of their favorite photos and left it on their screen.  We then took a walk around to see the various photos. 

In math we are finishing up with unit one, which involves some review from grade 1, skip counting, coin combinations and comparing numbers using greater than and less than.  We will begin unit two, math fact strategies later in the week. 

In Writer's Workshop we have been using mentor texts to help add more detail to our writing. We have also used mentor texts to help with crafting leads and endings .