Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday News

We have had 2 very busy weeks at school. We have done many community building activities. We have also been establishing our routines and schedules.
One of the activities involved interviewing each other in a "Bingo" game format.

Mr. Charltray came into our class and gave us a "refresher course" on using the iPads.  We have 10 iPads in our class, most students have an iPad partner.  We will be using them for many projects as the year goes on. 

During math we have been comparing numbers using greater than and less than, counting on a number grid, skip counting and reviewing coins and their value. We have played several games to help reinforce these skills.  

Reader's workshop is well under way.  We have been focusing on building good reading habits and building independent reading stamina. We have also been sharing information from our reading with our partner.  One way we have done this is writing thoughts about our reading on sticky notes and having a conversation during the "share" portion of the workshop. 

Last but not least, we came up with rules for our classroom.  The list that we generated could be summed up with these 2 rules.  Everyone agreed and signed off on them.  You can see the signed document next Monday at our Open House.