Friday, April 14, 2017

April News

We have completed our science unit on Solids and Liquids. The students explored the properties of solids and liquids and did several experiments with these two types of matter.
One challenge was to make a plan and build the tallest tower they could using the solids provided. The next day they did the same challenge, trying to make it taller using the knowledge gained from the first try.

Another project was to explore properties of different solids and create a poster and teach their classmates about it.

The last experiment was "Will it Sink or Will it Float?" You will have to ask your child for more details as photos are not available.

When we come back after vacation we will begin our Poetry writing unit. In math we will begin unit 8, Geometry and Arrays.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful April vacation.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The End of the Week

Today in math we played games to reinforce place value and money. 

We also finished our Panda Projects and shared them on the Smart Board with the class.  Nice job everyone.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Classroom Update

Dr. Seuss Day. 
Crazy Hats and Favorite Dr. Seuss Books.

Writing Workshop
We are working on opinion writing. Everyone has been writing letters to express their opinion about books; the characters, funny parts, exciting parts.... Everyone is backing up their opinion by giving evidence from the text.  We spent Thursday during writing workshop reading our letters to each other. Starting tomorrow everyone will be writing nominations for books using the opinion format.

During Social Studies we have been learning about China.  Everyone has done research on pandas and is creating an informational book about pandas using the app Book Creator. I will share the projects at conference time with you.